Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's New?

Well, things have been busy here! William had the rotavirus and that was alot of fun! lol I turned 28...even more fun! lol Nick gave me a dirty diaper, Elysa gave me a dead laptop battery wrapped in a silk, and Alec gave me a movie we had watched the day before! Someone needs to work on them in the gift department! We've been working on this really fun math unit from Serendipity http://ebeth.typepad.com/photos/gnomes_gnumbers_/index.html and the kids are having a blast. I will upload some new photos in the next few days hopefully! The kids have been having fun with their imaginative play lately and everything they play has an "Uncle Larry" in....ala the picture of Uncle Larry on the fridge! We now have Uncle Larry gnome, knight, barbie (the boy one!), army guy and a plastic fish! It used to be my sisters that would always be included in their creative play, but now it's Uncle Larry everything!

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