Friday, May 23, 2008


Well, it seems my blog break has been noticed and I shall update! Nick turned 4 on May 6Th and I have a world of pictures to share as well as our Whitefish Point trip and the recent trip to IL for the Waldorf at Home conference with Donna Simmons of Christopherus fame. I am anxious to tell all about that,but need to get some rest first. We have had such a busy week and not alot of sleep! Is there ever enough sleep in this house? The question is...when exactly does Liam sleep through the night? He is 16 months old and it is time! Time for me to get some sleep! The little two both took a nap at the same time and the big two played and you know what I did....I cleaned. Why did I clean instead of napping? The house is still a mess and everything I did clean will be messed as soon as the little two wake and I am still tired! Oh the wonderful joys of being a mom of little ones! Joys like hand prints on freshly washed windows or mud tracks on freshly mopped floors.....although dad was the one who did that last! We have had wonderful sunny and cold weather! It has been quite nippy and still too cold to plant our seeds in the garden. We have started seedlings indoors and they are growing well,but when do we get warm weather?

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