Thursday, December 27, 2007

Alec needs glasses

I have suspected for awhile that Alec needs glasses. He has experienced some pretty subtle difficulties while doing school that peeked my attention. Some of the more prominent"attention-getters" were the "reading makes my brain hurt" comment and the headaches after reading. I just had a "feeling" that something was momma's know all about that...intuition! We had our eyes checked this afternoon and he does in fact need glasses. He did great and needs glasses for reading and is farsighted. He picked out some uber-trendy glasses with help from his ever stylin' hip momma! You'll have to wait for a pic as it will be a few weeks before they are in with the mad rush to get glasses at the end of the year! He is excited for them and I am hoping it will end the headaches while reading! Here is an interesting article regarding vision I thought some of you may be interested in . It is regarding vision sills and is pretty informative.

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