Monday, December 3, 2007


I've been blog-tagged! Thanks to Sally at

Here Ye! Here Ye! Here are the Ye-Shall-Not-Break-Me Rules:
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1. I am a homeschool graduate and went on to college with ambitions to ironically become a teacher!

2. Chocolate chip cookies with semi or dark chocolate and cinnamon chips are one of my favourites!

3. I have a gift to "craft" anything and everything without a pattern! I can also cook anything without a recipe..not much, but it's my gift! ;0

4. I love to read!

5. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year! I like the bling and making things for other people.

6. I have a pug named Bruiser.

7. I like bling!

8. I hate housework!

tagged and and and and

i will finish tagging in a bit..

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