Thursday, August 30, 2007

About our homeschool.

Every homeschool is different and each home educator has their own philosophy of education and pedagogy. Ours is a unique combination of materials I have coined Holistic Eclectic! There is a multitude of philosophies and a variety of curriculum for each philosophy in the homeschool curriculum market. The sheer hours of research I have put into each philosophy to determine which one fit our family is exorbitant! It is important to me to have the ideal education for my little ones. Each one of my children learn in a different way and therefore need to be taught in a way that meets their individual needs and benefits them. I am lucky to have the opportunity to give each one of my children an education that is tailored to them and their learning styles. We are currently using Oak Meadow our base curriculum for Alec. We will supplement and enrich with other pieces as we see fit. Elysa and Nick will be following Enki We have found that a rhythm-not so much a schedule-but a rhythm is essential to harmony in our homeschool. Each day we have one set thing we do no matter what. ie. Monday is Baking, Tuesday is painting etc. etc. This gives the children a sense of time and continuity. We are striving to teach the children "HOW" to learn....not just filling their heads with useless facts,but truly how to learn.

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About Us said...

Holistic Eclectic -- what a great way to describe that! I applaud your decision to follow your children, and your instincts!

And I look forward to learning along with you! (and can I add you to my blog list? hee, hee!)