Friday, August 31, 2007

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge!

We had a little "birthday ceremony" for Alec to honour his turning 7. We took him to a bridge and had him cross over alone to represent his turning this special age. This age brings a lot of new changes into the child's life with the change of teeth and growth and I wanted something concrete to represent and honour that for him. When he had "crossed over" I presented him with a plaque I had made for him with a different wooden symbol for each year of his life. The first year was a sun to represent the light he brought into our lives and that he was our "sun." The second is a gold crown to represent the royalty and honour he brought us as parents. The third is a fish because he was very big on fish at this age and that was a big part of him then. The fourth year symbol is a train to represent the trains which were so much favoured by him at this age and fifth is an airplane to represent the blue angels which he was in awe of at this age. The sixth year symbol is an orange picture frame of a picture of him at a farm with a smile that I adore and lights up my heart when I see! For his seventh year,this coming year, I chose a lion because I wanted his courage and strength to grow and for him to be as brave as a lion! I put a beautiful wooden 7 in the center at the bottom. In the frame I put this poem to represent his journey;Rainbow Bridge from babyhood to a world unknown.Rainbow Bridge, a path your own journey will unfold.To a land of new and old secrets all revealed and told.Journey now the path your own adventure will unfold.

As he walked across, tears grew in my eyes, I am so proud to be his momma and watch him grow! I am honoured to be able to teach him and have him with me and watch him grow and be such an integral part of his childhood! I love you son!

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