Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crowning Ceremony

In Waldorf schools it is a tradition to have a Rose Ceremony for children entering 1st grade. I thought it would be fun to create our own little ceremony for the kids. I made flower wreath crowns for the three eldest to wear. Alec, being the eldest, got the largest orange as we know is his favorite we went with orange flowers over roses. Elysa and Nick got smaller orange flowers on their wreaths. Nick was mad and wouldn't let me take a picture...he wanted the bigger flowers! I read a poem I had chosen for each one and we stood by our special tree in the back yard with their backpacks for their picture. I take pictures the first week of school of each child so I will always have them to treasure! Alec's poem is called The Knight and goes; The knight rides forth,on charger strong,To fight the foe and right the wrong; 'Gainst dragons, giants, men, he'll fight. For lady's favor and for right. Elysa's is When Mary Goes Walking...only we changed Mary to Elysa. When Elysa goes walking, The Autumn wis blow. The poplars they curtsey, The larches they bend low.The oaks and the beeches,Their gold they fling down,To make her a carpet, To make her a crown. You'll have to stay posted to hear Nick's! The apple in Elysa's hand is for her teacher because as she so well put it, "You should take an apple to your teacher everyday Nick. Teachers like apples. That's why I am taking this one to my teacher. I am taking her one everyday!"

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