Monday, October 1, 2007

Mondays are hard

Another Monday, and uggh! was today a hard one. It seems we lose our rhythm to the day over the weekend and it is hard gaining it back Monday! It was hard for the three eldest to focus this morning on their lessons...perhaps too much TV this weekend dad?? I plowed through and we made it through! We had our story on the letter B and reviewed A and then made some lovely pictures in our sketch books and practiced drawing A's and B's. Saturday was Michaelmas and we were sooo busy that we weren't able to celebrate so we did today! I read the kids a story about the Archangel Michael and how he slayed the dragon and as I read I added the ingredients to a bowl for making a Harvest Loaf of bread. I added golden raisins for stars plucked from the firmament and an egg yolk for the sun, sugar and salt were ice that covered the earth and so on. When it was all mixed each child kneaded their own ball of dough and while we waited for it to rise we headed to the ice rink with dad and Grandma and had some fun skating. Back at home, we shaped our risen dough into dragons to represent the dragon St. Michael slayed. Then we baked them for a snack. While they were baking, we read a few more chapters from Charlotte's Web and then ate our bread and off to swim lessons. Somewhere in the mix, Alec read his practice blends and digraphs and did a fabulous job! It seems to really be clicking for him with reading this year!

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