Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ice Age!

We use a mainly holistic eclectic approach to our homeschooling and base alot of our curriculum on Waldorf principles. In Waldorf, in the early grades, they don't focus on History and Science as facts and wait until they are older to present these subjects to the children. When they will fully understand the concepts. In Waldorf, History is presented through a Social Studies aspect using folk and fairy tales from all different cultures and celebrations from those cultures. Science is presented through stories and observation. I, on the other hand, greatly enjoy History and Science and Alec really enjoys these subjects so I present them in a way I think they will understand...or at least somewhat! I would like to delve into Ancient Civilizations and really learn about those using Sonlight Core 1 & 2 books. I thought it best we give a brief overview of Creation from a Biblical aspect and we went over the Adam and Eve story and how God created the world. It brought up alot of conversation about our St. Michael story earlier in the week! I showed several different pictures of Adam and Eve and even gave them a puzzle of the two to work on while I read to them. I pointed out the differences in each Adam and Eve and then brought out a Smithsonian magazine and another book that had "cavemen" in and pointed out how everyone has a different interpretation of the two and how they looked. I noted that we weren't there so we don't know how they looked. This made great sense to them. We talked about the Garden of Eden and was a great moral lesson if nothing else! Elysa pointed out that bad guys, namely the college kid who mooned my family as we were going out to eat!!,went to live with Lucifer because you have to keep your body covered! Hence the fig leaves! We talked about how they wandered and gathered and then read some about the Ice Age....brainstorm for mom...I ran upstairs and emptied out the ice maker in the freezer into a pan, threw in some army guys...not exactly cave men, but they worked, and some dinosaurs and walla...Ice Age in our school room! We read some more and got into the Archeology part and stopped. The kids had a blast playing with it until it melted everywhere!

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