Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Elysa and Mom

Dad took the older two boys golfing and I got to spend some time with just Elysa. I did some schoolwork with her and then we left to pick up our items from our buying club and that little girl talked the whole way!! She read some words on signs! We were passing Teal lake and I asked her why she thought they called it Teal lake and she kinda said in a are you joking way..."Because it's not blue." Boy, did she make me feel stupid! She has such an unusual way of seeing what goes on around her and what she takes in. The somewhat scary part is that I totally get where she's coming from! I remember myself at that age and it is like a mirror of me!! Some things she says that are somewhat abstract and loopy about what is going on....I totally get it because I had similar things I thought and it makes sense to me now! How she interprets things that happen amazes and amuses me! She has a very vivid imagination and is quite creative! Although, for the record, I never had an imaginary sister.....who smokes! I really enjoyed spending time with her. She helped me make delicious French Onion soup and do the dishes! We bought some raw honey comb at our food co-op and greatly enjoyed that! Elysa is more open to try new things and eats much healthier than her brothers. We start the day with warm oatmeal with apples and cinnamon and the boys have peanut butter on toast. For lunch she'll eat whatever I make...not the boys they have to have their special requests! She is much easier to cook for and loves to cook! I think I may pull down my French cookbook and give her a few lessons.....pretty soon I'll have my own chef!

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the mama said...

Love it! I've never had the honeycomb, but I'd like to give it a whirl! And you need to try that white's got the comb and all in there! And 'round here, MG and I eat steel-cut oats with brown suger (but I'm going to add honey instead) and cranberries, or bananas and walnuts. mmm, mmm, good! I have lots of reading on your blog to catch up -- I am having so much fun seeing all the great things you are going!