Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where oh where is my little boy?

It hit me the other day when I looked at Alec...really looked at him. He's really growing up fast! I can't believe he is 7! My favorite number. So many things, this age brings. He is really growing and developing in all areas of his life. He is not the shy little boy anymore! No sir, he will now answer when an adult talks to him! Big steps! He's been really taking off in reading! He sat and read me several "reader" books today and was so proud of himself. It's just clicking for him! He's one of the top guys in his hockey team and I'm impressed when I watch him and his "skills" on skates! We went ice skating and gulp it's finally kid can skate faster than me! I think, the only reason he learned to skate was to whip me in a race! Oh and to eat,sleep and drink hockey! If he could play hockey all day life would be good for him! He has also turned into a cunning little comedian and sneak! After, I announced to the kids we were going to head down to the schoolroom in a few minutes so let's clean up our lunch mess he came over to me. He promptly told me he thought he would like to go clean his room..not just a little, but really clean his room.He was going to get it cleaner than he had ever done before...hmmmm do I smell a rat? Nice try Alec! I smiled and said that's great...right after we finish school! Mister funnypants has been trying to pull one over on me every day now....I have no idea where he gets it! :) I am really proud of him!

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