Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beautiful Stories

Today, we read some very beautiful stories from The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project . We've been enjoying the stories from this site immensely! We read 'The Story of Persephone' and 'Little Cosette' and then drew pictures in our main lesson book's. Alec is working on skip counting by 2's as he has all the other's down pat and Elysa is working on her counting skills. Nickolaus is working on getting into as much trouble as he can.....there has to be one in every bunch 'eh? Liam is working on crawling all over and getting into as much mischief as he possibly can and enjoying the little "snacks" the kids have left behind! He covered himself in Elysa's oatmeal that she had left on the coffee table and was as happy as I have ever seen him! We are working on some crafts this afternoon...not sure quite what, but Christmas present related!

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