Monday, November 26, 2007

Momma Loves Reading!

I enjoy reading....books,magazines, Internet articles, recipe books, newspapers, cereal boxes (;0 ask my mom and sis's!) if it has words I'll read it! I LOVE reading! I find I "need" to read. I just need it. I can fulfill that need by spending hours and some days we literally spend hours reading to the kids. Studies show the benefits of reading to little ones so I therefore have the "go ahead" to read read read! I am lucky that my children greatly enjoy books as well and are always game for a read-a-thon....everyone piles onto the love seat (it's closer to cuddle more tightly!) or into bed or a little nest of silks and blankets to enjoy an afternoon of good quality literature. I like good quality literature for their little sponge minds not watered down "Barbie's new shoes" or something similarly cheesy! Books that are timeless and have substance are our favourites. I just finished a few timeless classics with the younger three while Papa and Alec are at hockey. Our favourites were 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' and 'Chicka Chicka 123' and runners up were 'A Color of His Own'...Leo Lionni books are always appreciated for the beautiful artwork...and the timeless message of 'The Little Engine That Could.' We gave 'The Pirate Mom' a nut much substance, but fun story award and 'Tucker's Best School Day' got the award for downright depressing! This book was from Scholastic and is only available for the "school market" and was originally published as 'Tucker's Four-Carrot School Day.' It is written by Susan Winget and is about a little rabbit who is going to Kindergarten for the first time and all the things he messes up at school and how he is having a hard time. :( It was horribly sad for Tucker and the kids didn't enjoy it at all! Poor little Tucker wanted to be at home with his family and missed his little sister. I added to the end...."and Tucker's momma decided to homeschool him so he could be at home with the family." Nick and Elysa were really bothered by how horrible Tucker's school experience was. If my children were going to go to school and we chose this book to prepare them I think they would be rather unprepared! Anyway, on our agenda for the evening is to read a chapter or three of 'The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk' found here This book is filled with passages of well written literature for little ones and the vocabulary is wonderful...I am forever answering questions of what does this word and that mean when reading books from this site....I love it! This book is from 1918, I believe, and how different the language was then. It's a pleasure to read!

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