Monday, November 5, 2007

Native American Studies

November has begun and with it our study of Native Americans has as well. We read some Native American folk tales this morning. Today is Monday our baking day and we baked cornbread muffins. Then had dried fruit leather and cornbread muffins for morning snack. We had more stories and putting puzzles together in the schoolroom. Dad came home to enjoy some homemade Ham and Split Pea soup with us. The soup was really good! We picked up the half a pig we ordered Early this spring from our organic farmer. Lots and lots of questions regarding the pig and Wilbur from Charlotte's Web! We have lots of discussion on why we eat animals and it has been hard to explain to the kids at different times! To my vegetarian friends I know you're probably grossed out at the moment so SORRY! We have made a conscious effort to eat meat that has been raised without antibiotics and raised in a humane way. If you read about some of the things that they have put in our food supply it is enough to make your stomach turn! The meat that we get always tastes so much better and actually has flavor to it! After eating steaks that were grain fed and raised in a pasture, I don't think I will ever care to eat the supermarket variety again! We have ordered half a cow and a turkey for Thanksgiving and I am excited about the turkey...the size of the cow is starting to concern me! They are special cattle that have higher omega's and are leaner and healthier for you. Shetland something...I think! Well, anyway we are learning about Native Americans this month through stories and their culture. We visited some websites that sell Native American goods and they were pretty neat. Perhaps, Alec will get a drum from one for Christmas?

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