Monday, November 26, 2007

Holy Turkey!

We picked up our local farm raised turkey the Monday before Thanksgiving. To my surprise, the smallest turkey they had was......gulp......29 lbs!! What! I hope ya like he is in all his glory...being prepped in the the oven....and sitting before carving. All day we were enticed with smells of fresh Rosemary and Sage alongside turkey wafting from the kitchen! While it roasted I made Herbed Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and kept them warm in the crock pot. Nickolaus and I had spent the last few days toasting and shredding Colorado Cracked Wheat bread for a delicious Apple and Sausage stuffing that was the best I've ever tasted! Elysa and Alec had prepared all of the "chopped ingredients" the night before so it was much easier for me when preparing to grab celery, onions or whatever I needed. The middles made a fresh Cranberry Orange Relish and sweetened it with Sucanat and that added extra depth and earthiness to it. Elysa had made lemon bars the night before and we enjoyed them on Thanksgiving as well. We had Haricots Verts with Onions and Bacon from the farm and fresh baked pumpkin bread. Grandma brought rutabaga's,sweet potatoes, green and black olives, 2 different kinds of coleslaw and pumpkin and apple pies she had made with the oldest three the day before. I know I am forgetting some things, but have the main dishes! It was all so delicious and we will be getting a turkey from the farm next year!

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