Monday, November 12, 2007

Skating...and school?

Last Friday, we went ice skating in the afternoon. We had been working on these particular forms - ) a line and a curve. We had been drawing them with different mediums and walking or skipping them and on the ice I decided to see if they could skate the forms. We then went on to do the letters of the Alphabet. How's that for Waldorf? Elysa has been really enjoying the letters lately and will copy anything and I do mean anything! After receiving a copy of 'The Swiss Colony' gift catalog in the mail and sticking it on the table, I later noticed in perfect little print that someone had written EVERYTHING down from the catalog. There neatly lined on a plain white piece of paper was summer sausage gift baskets to fine chocolates and the fine print to cute is that? She has perfect little handwriting! She also noticed I have the Christmas lists on the computer in Wordpad and read her name and then proceeded to read...doll...I closed the page before she went further! She has had very little if any formal instruction on reading. She is just going to read one day!

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