Saturday, September 1, 2007

Daily rhythm

I have been working out what our daily rhythm should be and thought I should explain what a rhythm is and how it differs from a schedule. A schedule is something set in stone that you follow by the hour. A rhythm is a gentle way to have continuity to the day and to instill in the child a sense of looking forward to the nest event without any big interruptions in that. A rhythm doesn't have to be followed to the letter and leaves room for spontaneity for things like a surprise visit from friends or an afternoon at grandpa and grandma's. Children need the security of knowing that certain things will happen at certain times or on certain days not a rigid schedule but a a heartbeat. Here is our tentative daily rhythm:

Rise and Shine (I sing the good morning good morning it's time to rise and have recollections of my mother singing this to me as a child and the picture of a cheerios box on the's the same memory...kind of interesting what I remember 'eh?)

Eat Breakfast,clean up and get ready to start our day

Morning walk and/or a Movement Circle (more to come on the movement circle)

Main Lesson and a snack

Focused play ( I would like this to revolve around the lesson through acting out what they have learned in putting on a play, puppets, or with dolls.)


Cuddle reading and hopefully naps for the little two and would it be so bad if I wished for one for me?

Handwork (IE. knitting will be the focus for the first few months for Alec and the middles will do finger knitting)

Quiet play while mom tries to get housework done

Daily rhythm activity (IE Monday baking,Tuesday painting etc.)

Clean up so we have a nice clean house for dad

Dinner Preparation

Family dinner and clean up

Family time

Bedtime rituals and bedtime

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