Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuesday School

On Tuesday, we read a story called 'The Magic Spindle' and I introduced the letter 'A' to them through a beeswax colored picture of the golden haystack with a red 'A' in the center to give them a visual of A. Yes, they all know what the letter A looks like and sounds like, but this was a different approach to learning it. Our circle went a little better, but Nickolaus was still not fully participating until I started the Foxes verse he likes so much. In the afternoon, we worked on our playstands and had a little visit with Grandma who brought us a drill to use on the playstands! Thanks Grandma! Later in the day, Elysa and Nickolaus had a dentist appt. and Nickolaus wore his dragon costume! Yes, it was entertaining!

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