Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Friends

Last night, we met some new friends who (hopefully) will soon join us on our homeschool adventure! The kids all really enjoyed meeting them and playing! The new family has a boy Alec's age and a little girl Elysa's age and a little girl Nick's age ( I am convinced there is not another 3 yr old boy in the whole town of Marquette!) and they are expecting another in March! We are excited about the new friends and everyone is anxious for another get together! One of the best things about homeschooling has been meeting all of the great families we have met thus far! I have been blessed by all the wonderful momma friends! One of those wonderful mamma's came to visit me today and I greatly enjoyed her company.....even though she interrupted my nap! Lori has been a very blessed part of my life and I am lucky to have her as my "breast friend!" We have babies a month apart and it has been fun to experience pregnancy,birth, NO SLEEP (okay that wasn't fun!) ,full moons!, and having babies the same age has been fun for me! We tease that they are betrothed and that they have a pre-arranged marriage. Yes, Lori and I are blessed with a fabulous sense of humour...which makes it so much fun when we get together! Here is a picture of William and Miika on one of their dates.

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