Friday, September 7, 2007

Elysa's Milestones

Elysa has hit some developmental milestones lately and really been into cutting.....tomatoes,bananas and most recently an apple in grandma's yard last plat...just used the grass! She began ballet last night and was very excited to see Miss Joelle. This will be her third year with her and she just loves her! Miss Joelle is really great with the little kids! She was so excited to pick out her outfit and get new shoes....we needed to get a new bag..her old one had seen better days! She is growing way too fast! She has been drawing a variety of pictures lately and here is one she drew of Alec on his birthday. I thought it was sweet! I've been encouraging them over the past few years to make gifts out of love and to give from the heart. It's the thought and care you've taken to make something special for people that is important. I really want my kids to know the importance of homemade's not all about commercialization. Anybody can go buy a gift, but it takes time and effort to make something. Although, some of you with those "homemade" gifts may disagree, I think they are pretty special! I enjoy watching and listening to them talk to each other about the gifts and the recipients and what they will say when they open them and where they will put it and so on. Well, Elysa has been taking this all in and we were in the process of making Alec a small tree fort for his "guys" to play in and I was hurrying trying to get it done before Wayne brought him home and told Elysa to make him a card so I could concentrate on getting this project done. I was not paying much attention to her "creating" and was surprised when she handed Alec a card she had made all taped up and inside were 4 quarters, 1 dime, and 5 pennies! She had given him her own money in his card and was sooooo excited for him! We were so proud of her at this moment! Those of you who know her, know she is a saver! She has little purses in her bedroom filled with money! She goes around the house just searching for money and then puts it in her purse for saving!

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