Monday, September 3, 2007

Nickolaus gets some attention!

Nickolaus was in dire need of attention from mom and dad today! Since, we've had William he hasn't been getting as much attention as he had in the past and he's been doing some devily things to get attention. :( We took him golfing at the Marquette Golf and Country Club and we had a blast! He hit some good little shots and had an amazing 15 putter to get it in the hole..with his driver instead of a putter! He sure is a silly boy and made me call him "hockeytown" and pretend I was his agent and that our yukon was a limo.....good thing I have a vivid imagination and adore that little boy! He started missing Alec not Elysa..she's too funny. Here he is pretending he is asleep to "trick" dad!

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