Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fresh Salsa

Every Saturday morning, we venture to our local farmer's market to partake in the fresh organic local food that is bountiful at this time of year. This past Saturday we bought items to make fresh salsa to can and Nickolaus and Elysa helped me chop the tomatoes. As usual, the salsa was the best! There is nothing like fresh salsa! The minute I started chopping tomatoes Elysa chimed in that she wanted to help. She is always quick to mirror whatever task I am undertaking at the moment. I told her to grab a knife out of the kitchen,thinking she would grab one of the designated sharper plastic knives they use for cutting. She came back with a "real knife" and my first instinct was to take it away and then after a pause I recalled the Montessori philosophy of using every day items and teach them to use properly. So, I watched her and motherly told her to be careful and low and behold she chopped very carefully "mirroring" my cutting. Nickolaus soon came in and wanted to "help" and when he offers help it is always quite interesting! Well, he did a great job cutting his tomatoes... a little larger, but they'll work! We enjoyed some with our dinner! Yum!


Shawna- Christy's sister said...

We made fresh salsa this summer too. It was the best! Couldn't get enough.

the mama said...

There are few things as yummy as homemade salsa...but yikes! A real knife? Wow! I know that Montessori wanted proper tools used, but that was one thing that I had a hard time stomaching that one -- maybe I'll try next time!