Monday, September 24, 2007

We started school...hurrah!

The kids have been begging to start school. Our main lesson book's have not arrived in the mail yet. Since, they are a pretty integral part of our schoolwork I have been hesitant to start. We started off with our "project" for all. We are working on sanding down a tree stump to make a gnome home! I have it set up in the dining room and when the kids were done breakfast they could start on it. When they had all had a turn, I brought Alec aside to begin his lesson. He was golfing with Grandpa today and I wanted to finish before he arrived. We went over the long A and short a sound and he read his words with ease! We then worked on part of the rhyme he is to memorize. We talked about different holiday,birthdays, celebrations, moon phases, and the migration of birds in preparation for his Social Studies project. He will be making a calendar complete with all of this information. After he was gone, the middles and I did our circle and then I read them 'Duchess Autumn.' The middles like to "pretend" they are at school and I am their pretend teacher so today I played along and we got in our school bus and drove to pick up some food for an impromptu picnic on this 85 degree day and had a fabulous time "twirling like leaves" in the field and noticing the changes around us. We even saw some geese flying south! It was a beautiful day and we really had a great time! This evening, after swim class, Dad cut our wood so we may begin building our play stands tomorrow! Our silks arrived in the mail today and hopefully we'll be able to dye them soon!

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