Thursday, September 27, 2007


On Wednesday, we read 'Seasons at Fern Hollow' and discussed the different seasons and what happens in each one. I taught the kids to finger crochet using a story from our Enki curriculum called ' Duckling's Secret Treasure.' After we read the story, I brought out a basket I had carefully rolled 4 little balls of thick wool yarn and covered with a silk and told them we were going to learn to finger crochet. I taught them using a verse that repeated itself in the story and goes like this; I'll poke through the hole, And pull out a worm, If you pull my tail, Away he'll squirm. There is a series of actions that go along with each line and the kids loved it! Each of the eldest three worked on that for awhile. We continued reading 'Charlotte's Web' and all are enjoying the story. Later in the day, we finished one of our playstands!! Jump for joy! I will take pic's and post later. The kids really enjoyed playing with it and Nickolaus put on a puppet show for us!

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Aunt Shawna said...

I recently started up knitting again and am making scarves for the boys, for winter. My 7yr. old did want to learn cross stitch, but has shown more interest in the knitting now. So, we may do that instead. I have some cute knitting patterns I'll send to you.