Thursday, September 20, 2007

A friend sent me this awhile back..

The Freedom You'd Have If You Sent Your Kids To School By Barbara Frank You homeschool your kids? You must be a saint. Think of the freedom you'd have if you sent your kids to school. You'd be free to get up at 6 am to drag them out of their warm beds, so they can get ready to go out into the cold to wait for the bus.You'd be free to mediate the fighting over the bathroom ("No fair! I have to leave first! Make her get out!"). You'd be make sure each one takes the right figure out who left their lunch on the send the right permission slips with the right make sure each one has the right books in the right backpack.And if there's no bus for your neighborhood, you'd be free to drive the kids to school, along with someone kids, if you carpool....Which would leave you free to sit in their driveway honking the horn, shivering and waiting, while your kids fight in the back seat because no one wants to sit next to the kid you're waiting for.Of course, if you sent your kids to school, now your real freedom would begin,because once the kids are actually in the school building, you'd be free to do what you wanted for an entire six hours:To clean the whole house all on your own, with no help from the kids.To watch "Regis and Kelly" or "The View" (didn't you love the time the ladies on "The View" interviewed that famous actor, and to impress them he pulled off their shoes and juggled them? What a great show....).To go shopping, though you can't buy the kids clothes unless they're with,because you don't know what's "in", and they can't wear anything to school that's not "in".But still, you'd have the freedom to do what you want,uninterrupted. ....Except, of course, for when the phone rings, and you answer it in case it's the school nurse calling to say one of your kids got sick at school....(but of course it's a siding salesperson) .Or when you need to run back to school at 11 am because you're one of the Volunteer Computer Moms (at a school which is already costing you $3000 a year in property taxes),or you're a Field Trip Chaperone, or a Library Mom, or a Room Mom, or an Art Mom, or a Lunchroom Mom.But still, you'd have freedom for a little while, until it's time to meet the bus or pick up the kids.Then you'd have to make them all sit down and do homework (even though you feel like a meanie because they just spent all day at school),And listen to them fight because they're overtired and cranky,And comfort the one who's crying because "I still don't get what I'm supposed to do!", and you're not much help because you don't seethe point of the assignment, either, And rush them through dinner, because it's almost time to take one to soccer practice, and another to gymnastics, or to Scouts, or to dance class.And by the time you drop off the last one, the first one will be ready to be picked up, and so your trace your route, and then head home, where everyone collapses... .For a few minutes, but then it's time to make them finish the unfinished homework, and take their baths, and lay out the clothes for tomorrow, and get to bed on time, so they won't give you so much trouble about waking them up at 6 am and dragging them out of their warm beds, so they can get ready to go out into the cold to wait for the bus...... Homeschool your kids? You must be a saint.Think of the freedom you'd have if you sent your kids to school.

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