Thursday, September 27, 2007

Math-The Four Processes

Today we began our Math. In the past, I have alwasy liked Bob Jones for it's clear instruction and ease of use. This year, we are using Oak Meadow as our base curriculum and they introduce math in a different light. There are no mundane worksheets or boring drill. Instead math is introduced through art and story. I gathered the children in a magical silk circle and we brought out our "fire fairy," which is a candle inside a metal lantern that is only lit when I am telling a lesson story and helps to keep them still and listen. We can't wiggle too much or we'll knock fire fairy over and she'll get excited and spread fire everywhere now won't she? Nick still wants to use the matches (Oh Dear!) and can't wait to blow it out, but he does seem to listen a little better! Our story was about the four processes in math; plus, minus, times, and divide. There is a Gnome King who governs the gnomes and watches out for them. Each process is a different gnome. For instance, Plus is a fat, green, greedy gnome who fills his pockets with jewels and so forth. I made little gnome's to go with each process and will introduce the jewles that they mine in the next few days for adding and subtracting with. Each child drew a picture of the gnomes and their process. I am a bit worried about Nickolaus as he just brought me his and showed me the King and Queen and then one with a rather large nose and he told me that was.....uh Grandpa! I think he may be a bit confused! Grandpa happened to be a miner and so were the can see where this is going! Grandpa is the "gnome" on the far right!

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